Real Estate

Real Estate is a legal term that includes the land along with anything that stayed on the land such as buildings. Real Estate is often considered synonymous with real property, in contrast to private property. However, some people still prefer the distinction between real estate, pointing to the ground and objects on it, with real property, pointing to the right of ownership of the real estate.

According to the terminology of the law in some jurisdictions is an immovable that includes the land and all who are above such a building, plant and others.

Property in a foreign language is often referred to as real property which is also sometimes called realty (real estate term used to indicate a residential area developed by a housing development company).

In law, the word is defined as something real thing (Latin: res / rei) that distinguish it from "man". Thus, the law distinguishes between real property (land and all of a listed above) and individual property (eg clothes, furniture, money).

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