Computer Software

In computing, software is a set of information about the treatments carried out automatically by a computer device. Y are included processing instructions, as a series of programs, data and documentation. Everything is stored as a set of files in a Memory.

  • Application software, the type of the most common software, also known as computer application: a software including automatic system is designed to assist a user in one of his activities.
  • System software (or software). This is software which controls the automatic use of hardware by software applicatifs4. The automated software system are independent of the activity for which the device is utilize.
  • The operating system acts as an interface between hardware and application software. This is the set of software central system that controls the use of the computing device by other logical.

A computer apparatus is a machine that performs processing in accordance with instructions and data. Instructions and data are contained in software. The software is an indispensable element in the use of any computing device.

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