Business Plans

The term business plan means a written document of about 10 to 50 pages describing a business opportunity as well as measures to be taken in order to take advantage of this opportunity. A business plan is both to set up businesses and for strategic and operational planning of existing businesses need. The starting point is usually a marketing plan. This is complemented by other sub-plans, including the procurement, production, personnel, research and marketing plan.

Then there is the financial plan that includes an estimate of the necessary financial and human resources (costs) and expected revenues, the economic efficiency of investment expenditure can be assessed. A business plan is based on internal agreements on objectives and also means of communication by private or public investors such as banks, venture capitalists (venture capitalists), angel investors, partners (for acquisitions) or corporate bodies that decide on the release of funds to satisfy. is all about business, technology, and the startup culture in Pakistan.

Business Startup Planning and Resources

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