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E-tourism, also known as e-tourism includes activities in the tourism sector, on the Internet. Although it is increasingly gear today to talk about e-tourism as tourism and new technologies are inexorably bound to converge to a completely tourism to a digital. For users, the e-tourism offers ways to prepare, organize and book their travel via the Internet: identification of the destination, purchase transportation, development of an itinerary, accommodation booking, information exchange with other surfers.

Appeared in 1998, the e-tourism is a way of promoting and booking essential in the tourism and travel. Users and consumers of e-tourism are designated by the world of marketing as touristonautes tourists or online.

The area of e-tourism currently brings together many tourism stakeholders as well as new entrants pure play.

  • Tourism businesses: travel agency online service hotel, airline, railway or navigation.
  • Editing and publishing: travel guide, magazine, travel blogs (the "infomediaries" websites specializing in travel information).
  • Technologies: Compare prices, aggregator, search engine and metasearch specializes in travel.
  • Institutional actors: tourist office, CRT, CDT, Minister, observatories.

The m-tourism is the declination of mobile phones, e-tourism.

Numerous exhibitions and conferences are now dedicated to e-Tourism among them are:

  • Encounters eTourism institutional Pau in October, three.
  • Travel in multimedia (MEC) in St Raphael on February 4.
  • Tourism Professionals meeting in Sierre (Valais) - Switzerland on December 5.

Bromo Dimensi

Bromo Dimensi Tour and Travel are service providers Tour and holiday travel. For those of you who want to vacation in East Java, especially toward the most popular tourist areas like Mount Bromo, Malang, Batu Kawah Ijen, Baluran and so forth, we are ready to take you and serve wholeheartedly.

Bromo Executive

Bromo Executive is a online service provider inside the field of Tour and travel, for Domestic and International. Together with the increasing interest from the traveler to visit the places of tourist attractions in Indonesia, especially for all those individuals who reside in urban areas then traveled into your necessity.

Vietnam Tours BN

Agence de voyage au Vietnam, spécialiste du voyage sur mesure au Vietnam. Nous proposons des circuits classiques pour decouvrir les mille facettes d’un Vietnam fait de richesses ethniques et historiques infinies.