Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an insurance against damage incurred during travel. Typically travel insurance only covers holidays, so no business. The travel insurance is covered by insurance.

Travel insurance serves primarily as a supplement to the existing insurance policies, especially health insurance, home insurance and car insurance. The travel insurance provides coverage only when the previously sealed no insurance coverage.

Types of insurance

Insurance exist in all shapes and sizes. The most common types are discussed here. Later in this article examines the extent of coverage.

Ascending travel

This insurance is concluded for the duration of a holiday. Coverage begins on the date of the insurance, but not before the journey has begun. Coverage ends on the agreed maturity or earlier return.

Continuous travel insurance

A comprehensive travel insurance is an insurance covering the whole force. With each trip that the insured is, there is automatic coverage. The coverage begins at the moment the insured and his journey begins and ends at home. Also, the insured when traveling in the Netherlands always a booking confirmation to hand.

Longer than standard travel or else?

Especially for traveling with a long-term nature, there are some insurers who have developed a special insurance. Unlike the 'ordinary' travel insurance policies also provide coverage for these, for example, an internship or working holiday travel.


A very different kind of travel insurance is the insurance. A cancellation insurance provides coverage for trip cancellation if the can not go through, or compensate (part of) the fare on the termination of the holiday. There must, of course, be a covered event. This means that the cancellation or termination will be reimbursed only if the cause especially in the policy conditions listed. Also, the cancellation is a decreasing and continuous variation.

Insured persons

The insurance provides coverage for trips of the insured. Who is insured, is on the schedule indicated. Typically, users can choose from three groups:

  • Single. Coverage for a person.
  • An adult with children or two adults, where it should be noted that children usually are insured while they are living at home. A number of insurers for study extends this with home children.
  • Family, the same remark about children.

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