Construction is an activity to build facilities and infrastructure. In the field of architecture or civil engineering, also known as a construction of buildings or infrastructure on a unit area or in some areas. Construction can also be defined as the arrangement (model, layout) of a building (bridges, houses, etc.). Although construction activity is known as one job, but in fact construction is a unit of activity consisting of several different other jobs.

In general, construction activities supervised by the project manager, design engineer or project architect. These people worked in the office, while monitoring the field is usually left to the foremen who oversee the project construction workers, carpenters, and other building experts to complete a physical construction.

For the successful implementation of construction projects, effective planning is essential. This is related to engineering (design and execution) that considering the impact of infrastructure on the environment, method of determining the required amount of cost / budget, coupled with good planning schedule, work environment safety, availability of building materials, logistics, public inconvenience associated with delays caused by construction and preparation of tender offers, etc.

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Health and safety training courses for construction site managers, supervisors and workers.

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