Consumer Products

Consumer products is generally a personal property to be sold, and used for the individual and the household and is not used for business purposes.

CONSUMER PRODUCT.--The term ‘‘consumer product’’ means any article, or component part thereof, produced or distributed (i) for sale to a consumer for use in or around a permanent or temporary household or residence, a school, in recreation, or otherwise, or (ii) for the personal use, consumption or enjoyment of a consumer in or around a permanent or temporary household or residence, a school, in recreation, or otherwise; but such term does not include— (A) any article which is not customarily produced or distributed for sale to, or use or consumption by, or enjoyment of, a consumer,

Definition of a consumer product is flexible and variable in time and space. Usually a product can be classified as a consumer product according to how you use it the final consumer - the product meets the need or demand of the private sector.

These products are items made ​​in a workshop, factory or those who have any human processing, they are offered for sale for final products can be used immediately.

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