Education is a conscious and deliberate effort to create an atmosphere of learning and the learning process so that learners are actively developing the potential for him to have a religious spiritual strength, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, as well as the skills needed themselves and society.

Philosophy of Education

Education typically begins when a baby is born and lasts a lifetime. Education could have originated from before birth as is done by many people to play music and read to the baby in the womb in the hope he can teach their babies before birth.

For some, the experience of everyday life is more meaningful than formal education. As Mark Twain said, "I never let school interfere with my education."

Family members have the most profound teaching role, often deeper than they realized, although the teaching of family members running unofficially.

Function of Education

According to Horton and Hunt, educational institutions relating to real functions (manifest) the following:

  • Prepare community members for a living.
  • Develop individual talents for the sake of personal satisfaction and the public interest.
  • Preserve the culture.
  • Instill the skills necessary for participation in a democracy.

Latent functions of educational institutions are as follows.

  • Reducing parental control. Through education, school parents bestow duties and responsibilities in educating children to school.
  • Provides a means for insubordination. Schools have the potential to instill the value of dissent in society. This is reflected by the difference between school and community views about things, such as sex education and open attitude.
  • Maintain the social class system. School education is expected to socialize to their students to accept differences in prestige, privilege, and status in society. Schools are also expected to be a channel mobility of students to a higher social status or at least according to the status of their parents.
  • Prolong adolescence. School education may also slow down one's adult life as students are still economically dependent on their parents.

According to David Popenoe, there are five kinds of education function is as follows:

  • Transmission (transfer) of culture.
  • Select and teach social role.
  • Guarantee social integration.
  • Schools teach the style of personality.
  • Source of social innovation.

Every country in the world has its own education system, with a traditional role of parents of a child (or their substitute) to bring this child to the ways of adulthood, and often increasing intervention of States.

Education is seen as an important part of people development, hence the development of a right to education. A good educational system is a major advantage.

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