Data Storage & Remote Backup

As an online backup or web backup is called a backup over the Internet. This is done on data storage from an ISP, in a data center. This procedure relieves the user to obtain reliable data even memory to check regularly, manage and secure from loss.


The customer will receive after registration a user name and password for access to data backup. The technical requirement is Internet access. The software for data backup, or even upload a web page should provide a secure encryption to protect transmitted data from unauthorized access.

Because the data transfer rate of Internet access usually only a fraction of those amounts of disk drives and local area networks, the software can perform data compression, as far as possible. Already compressed data stored - for example in the file formats ZIP, JPEG, MPEG or MP3 - they can hardly compress further.

Have Internet access with data transfer rate of 1 Mbit / s can theoretically be transferred 450 MB per hour or 10.5 GB per day. This is for example a possible data transfer rates when uploading via ADSL 6000 in Germany. With faster Internet connections such as via VDSL will offer higher data transmission speeds are possible. Some service providers offer to exchange large amounts of data using disk in the mail, which lends itself particularly for larger initial backup.

Because of the relatively low data transmission rate is the process of incremental backup are copied from the only new and changed data, is of particular importance. Some providers search with their software files for changed parts and only transfer the changed data blocks to the data memory (block level). Some know when files have been renamed and transferred not only her again. Renamed file folders and files can not be postponed again and again recognized, which can lead to re-file transfers.

Some solutions, such as Team Drive, Novell iFolder, drop box or Recovery Guard offer features such as encryption of data on the server, assigning file access rights given to other users or user groups, replication of data across multiple servers, and version control changes to, making similar properties to so-called distributed file systems can be achieved. If a Einschränkbarkeit access is to extend the functionality of this software is partially overlapped with those for file sharing.

Modern in their software providers offer not only online backup, but also the parallel backup to local media, such as a tape drive or USB peripherals. Companies should make sure that SQL databases are supported, such as Microsoft SQL Server and contains a complete system recovery disaster recovery in case of server failure is. Useful is also a more direct, the online backup software integrated virus scanner, which is to be backed up or restored data is checked and thus increases the security of the backup.