Technology is a scientific method to achieve a practical purpose; or applied science can also be translated as a whole means to provide necessary items for survival and comfort of human life.

In entering the era of industrialization, the achievement is determined by the mastery of technology because the technology is the engine of growth through the industry.

Partially assume the technology is good or something new. However, the technology has a very long-lived and is a contemporary phenomenon. Every era has its own technology.


Ingat Gadget Ingat DroidLime, DroidLime adalah salah satu media online referensi gadget yang berbeda dari yang sudah ada. Tanpa kepentingan pihak tertentu. Nama DroidLime diambil dari kata Droid yang berarti robot yang identik dengan teknologi, serta kata Lime yang berarti sitrus yang identik dengan kesegaran.

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