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The Service Management, better known as the acronym of ITSM for "Information Technology Service Management" is one of the bases of which ITIL defines it thus:

The IT Service Management (Service Management) is an approach to the management of IS. It proposes to represent the SI as a set of capabilities (capabilities) to provide organizational value to customers as a service. This value is intangible and not redeemable for cash for the company. It consists of one share of technical teams ("functions") composed of experts ("roles") and other processes.

ITIL different capabilities (intangible) resources (tangible) composed of staff and equipment.

ITSM is philosophically centered on the idea that the customer is the contribution of information technology (IT) company. ITSM is however deliberately contrasted with the approaches purely on technology. The following is a characteristic of currency ITSM literature:

The IT service providers can no longer afford to focus on technology and their internal organization, they must now take into account the quality of services they provide and focus on the relationship with customers.

ITSM takes into account four important perspectives nicknamed 4P, that is to say the process, the people (employees and customers), the products (or technologies) and Partners (or suppliers).

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