Telecommunications is defined as the remote transmission of information with means-based electronics and computer. This term has a broader meaning than its equivalent official "electronic communication". This is in contrast to the station that transmits information or objects in physical form.

In the beginnings of modern telecommunications, inventors such as Antonio Meucci, Alexander Graham Bell and Guglielmo Marconi developed communication devices as the telegraph, telephone or radio. They have revolutionized the traditional means such as pavilions or optical telegraph Chappe.

Currently, telecommunications generally involve the use of electronic equipment associated with analog or digital networks such as fixed or mobile telephone, radio, television or computer. They are also an important part of the economy and are subject to global regulations.

In relation to 'telecommunication' form of remote communication can be divided into three kinds:

  • One-way communications (simplex). In a one-way communications (simplex) sender and recipient information can not establish a continuous communication through the same medium. Example: Paging, television, and radio.
  • Two-way communication (duplex). In a two-way communication (duplex) sender and receiver of information to establish a continuous communication through the same medium. Example: Phone and VOIP.
  • Two-way communication Semi (Half Duplex). In semi two-way communication (Half Duplex) sender and receiver communicate informsi alternately but remain continuous. Example: Handy Talkie, FAX, and Chat Room

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